Socks Printed with Flowers and Leaves

Cute Socks For The Lovable You!

We promise you style without hurting the planet.

Explore our collection, showcasing timeless style and a commitment to sustainability.

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No Chemical | Printed with The Nature's Best

Ocean Pure Silk Scarf

Deep Blue Logwood scarf printed with Guava and Jamun leaves.
Guava and Jamun

Multishade Silk Scarf

Seasonal Flowers and Eucalyptus leaves used to create this beautiful scarf.
Flowers and Eucalyptus

Brown Katha Printed Pure Silk Scarf

Created with with Pan Katha and Castor Oil leaves

Katha and Castor Oil

Natural, Not Boring

Our Clothes Are Made of 100% Love and 0% Guilt

Wear Us, Because Hugging Trees Is Hard!


Reduced Carbon Footprint | Did Not Cause Any Pollution

Give yourself a hug for being a responsible #fashionchic